Bringrr™ reminds you to bring your most important things before you
drive away & helps you find your items if they are misplaced or lost.

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Keep track of your most important things.


Your valuables, always close by.


Daily peace of mind.

Replaceable Battery

Bluetooth LE enabled, BringTags last a whole year.


Point and tag.

Find It Fast

Quickly locate your misplaced items by sound or distance in a 150ft radius.


Compact and trendy.

Shake to Find

If your phone is misplaced, flip your BringTag (like a coin) and your phone will start ringing.


Make a fashion statement.

Built-in Speaker

Loud and clear, BringTags can be activated to ring.

Lost and Found

If your tagged item is lost, the Bringrr community is automatically on the lookout.


Wherever your adventures take you.

Built-in Accelerometer

Smart and accurate, BringTags can detect movement.

Last Known Location

BringTags save your item’s location so you can easily find your things later.

Big on Color

Small and colorful, BringTags make a fashion statement.


Just a car charger, you say?

Fully Charged

From phones to tablets.

Bluetooth LE Enabled

Pairing your phone with Bringrr is fast and easy. Just pair it once, and let Bringrr do the rest.

Friendly Reminder

Bringrr is capable of checking for any Bluetooth LE device, so you never drive away without your gadgets.

Bluetooth Ready

If you forget, Bringrr’s got your back.

Get Notified

Bringrr’s built-in speaker notifies if you’ve left any tagged items behind, before you drive away.

Ahead of Schedule

Sync your current Apple or Google Calendar with Bringrr and always have your daily things.

Friendly Reminder

Leave nothing behind.

BLE Beacon Hub

Bringrr works with any Bluetooth LE compatible device, and alerts you if they’re missing from your car.

No Phone Left Behind

If you leave your phone in the car, your designated BringTag will ring to let you know.

Charge Any Device

Plug your existing USB cable into Bringrr and charge all of your devices.

Sharing is Caring

Friends can use your Bringrr with their own BringTag profiles, making carpooling a breeze.


This is one of the few technologies that actually provides me (and possibly a CEO who runs a company named after a fruit) with one less thing to worry about; a forgotten phone.

- Gizmodo -

BringrrTM App

Keep track of your things from any device.

BringrrTM For Google Glass

Every feature comes alive in front of your eyes.

“Ok glass, find my keys.”

“Ok glass, what am I missing?”

“Ok glass, assign blue BringTag to bike.”

“Ok glass, take me to my found item.”

Meet the Core Bringrr Team

The masterminds behind it all.

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- Shipping Summer 2014 -

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